Brian McCormack

London Craft/Chapter Lodges.
Initiated into First Artificer Lodge, 3774 26/01/04. Master in 2010 & 2023.
Exalted into First Artificer Chapter 3774 11/04/12. First Principal 2023.
Joined Clerkenwell Lodge of Installed Masters 2018.
Founder of Locomotion Mark in 2019.
Founder of Locomotion RAM 2022
Advanced into Cranley Mark Lodge 2017.Joined Windsor Castle RAM 2021
Joined Berkshire & Oxfordshire Installed Masters 2021
London Grand Rank 2018, Visiting Officer 2021
Berkshire Mark Provincial Grand Steward 2020-2022 due to Covid
Provincial Assistant Grand Charity Steward 2022-2023
Provincial Grand Charity Steward 2023- BeMBA treasurer
SLGR March 2024




Douglas Marlow

I was leaving the Army (REME), when a friend mentioned Freemasonry. I wanted to find a new home,socialise, make friends and be part of a team. I was then initiated and had a wonderful masonic career and still found time to work. I was Treasurer of three units but have now handed over the largest but taken on Membership Officer which is busy. I am now retired and had fun organising my Craft lodge Centenary celebration in Dec 2023 – it is also busy but I like it. Last year was thoroughly enjoyable year as ProvGStdB in the Mark – I visited and learned a lot especially the need to negotiate with my wife. We maintain a calendar and book in our events. I promise no more than three night per week. Saturdays are now becoming precious. I recommend the active Provincial Officer experience. I have a social life, friendship, teamwork and a sense of belonging. The journey continues.





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