Instructions to the Provincial Grand Master’s Representative concerning the Provincial Travelling Keystone

1. In Order not to overshadow the important significance and purpose of the occasion when the Travelling Keystone is passed from one Lodge to another neither the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master nor his Deputy will attend.

2. The Provincial Grand Master’s Representative, delegated by the Keystone co-ordinator, from the Provincial Wardens and Overseers, should consider it part of his duty to attend the Lodge Meeting when the Travelling Keystone is being transferred to the custody of another Lodge. If the nominated representative is unable to attend he is to contact the Travelling Keystone Co-ordinator, W Bro David Wiltcher, who will nominate a replacement.

3. The Provincial Grand Master’s Representative on this occasion will be expected to conduct himself discreetly and low key, so as not to diminish the importance of the handing over of the Travelling Keystone or in any way interfere in the ceremonial of the occasion.

4. The Provincial Grand Master’s representative will be introduced to the Lodge by the member of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies’ Team present. He will acknowledge the Worshipful Master’s welcome with the words “Worshipful Master it is my pleasure to be present with you this evening” and nothing else.

5. When acknowledging the salutations offered by the Lodge he will reply. “Worshipful Master, Brother Wardens and Brethren, I thank you for your warm and Fraternal Salutations. The Travelling Keystone that is about to be delivered to your Lodge is the Property of the Province. I am here as the representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master to greet you well and to witness this very important occasion on his behalf. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master sends to you all, his fraternal good wishes for a very enjoyable meeting.”

6. The Provincial Grand Master’s representative will say absolutely nothing else in Lodge.

7. At the Festive Board, if the Lodge offers him a seat on the Top Table he will sit to the immediate right of the Visiting Worshipful Master who will be sitting on the right of the Lodge Worshipful Master unless a candidate has been Advanced. The Advanced Brother will take precedence over both the visiting Worshipful Master and the Provincial Grand Master’s representative. He must not seek or demand to sit on the right of the Lodge Worshipful Master. He should not expect to take wine with the Worshipful Master and he will NOT respond to any formal toast.

8. At all times he should remember that he is present as the Provincial Grand Master’s representative for the single purpose of witnessing the handing over of the Travelling Keystone. He will report back to the Travelling Keystone Co-Ordinator, who attended from the Lodge presenting the Keystone, ensuring a photograph is taken of the Keystone being presented and producing a short review of the proceedings on how the Travelling Keystone was delivered and received. This review will then be uploaded to the Provincial website.

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