Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623 - Wednesday 25th November 2020

16 members and 7 guests attended the Vitual Business Meeting of Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623 on Wednesday 25th November 2020. The presiding officer W.Bro. Andy Blatchford declared the meeting open and asked the Secretary, W.Bro. Tim Dummer to read the dispensation. The minutes of the Virtual Business Meeting held on Wednesday 28th October 2020 were read and approved.

The Lodge accounts were presented by the Treasurer, W.Bro. Tim Double and duly approved.

In Pursuant to Notice of Motion, W.Bro. Lucky Notay and Trevor Steventon were elected as Honorary Members of the Lodge by a show of hands. The Charity Steward gave his report and any other business was conducted followed by the presiding officer declaring the meeting closed.

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