Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623 Virtual Business Meeting - Wednesday 28th April 2021

This was the 4th Virtual Business Meeting that we have had since the lockdowns began. Hopefully it will be the last, as our next Meeting will be in October. I believe it was a good Meeting and well attended (36). We did manage to play the opening and Closing Odes. Bro. Garrick Steventon gave an excellent Eulogy about his Father the Lodge Organist who had recently passed away. We had Elections for The Master Elect and Treasurer as well as other appointments. The Charity Stewards report the Almoners report and The Centres Reps report. The Meeting was well attended by the Province and a Visitor W. Bro. Bill Wilson the W. M. of Fortesque No 9. Lodge in Cornwall. He is a regular visitor to our weekly Zoom Meetings. And there were other visitors as well.
The Meeting went well, and we are looking forward to the end of October a live Meeting at Wokingham.
Tim Dummer
Secretary 623

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