The Provincial Travelling Keystone arrives @ Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627 – 19th May 2018

Saturday, 19th May 2018 will be remembered for three events: firstly, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor; secondly, the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea at Wembley; and thirdly, the presentation of the ‘Travelling Keystone’ to the Erlegh of MMM No. 1627 by the Charles Wilkinson Lodge of MMM No. 1657 at Sindlesham.

As the Provincial Grand Master’s representative, W.Bro. Silverio Ostrowski, Prov.G.S.W, briefly informed the Brethren of the purpose of the ‘Travelling Keystone’. Following the introduction, W.Bro. Gary Mitchell, Worshipful Master of the Charles Wilkinson Lodge of MMM No. 1657 very ably presented the ‘Travelling Keystone to W.Bro. Douglas Marlow, the Worshipful Master of the Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627. In total seven Members of the Charles Wilkinson Lodge formed the delegation to support and mark this memorable occasion. On receiving the ‘Travelling Keystone’, W.Bro. Douglas Marlow circled around the Lodge to show and display it to all the brethren in attendance.
The Lodge Meeting then settled down to perform a demonstration of the ceremony of Advancement. The principles of the ‘Travelling Keystone’ were very much in evidence here: (i) the fostering of good relationships between Berkshire Lodges; and (ii) to encourage intra-Provincial visiting; because three of the ten visitors on the day had to assist by taking Offices for the Advancement ceremony to be carried-out. The Lodge Meeting was a happy affair and all those present enjoyed themselves, not forgetting to mention the noisy and entertaining after proceedings which consisted of the usual informal ‘Fish & Chips Supper’, for which Erlegh Mark Lodge is famous.
All in all, it was worth declining our Invitations to Windsor so that the twenty attendees could witness the more historical event held at Sindlesham!

Elergh Mark Lodge of MMM No. 1627 will now present the ‘Travelling Keystone’ to Hungerford Mark Lodge of MMM No. 1342 at Newbury on Tuesday, 10th. July 2018. Please place this in your diary and come along to the Meeting so that you can help to support the journey of the Berkshire Mark ‘Travelling Keystone’ and demonstrate the tenets for which it represents.

Silverio Ostrowski, Prov.G.S.W
Secretary – Erlegh Mark Lodge No. 1627

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