Official visit to Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623 – Wednesday 26th February 2020

On Wednesday 26th February 2020 attended by a large retinue of Provincial Officers (pictured below) the Provincial Grand Master made an Official Visit to Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623. The P.G.M. informed those present that the last official visit was on 24th February 2010 when R.W.Bro. Peter Sands was the P.G.M. and he was the Provincial Secretary. In between 2010 and 2020 the Lodge had also celebrated their centenary and also dedicated a Lodge Banner. W Bro Anthony Thomas was the Worshipful Master and on that day it was reported that Europe was at risk of a double-dip recession after bad results emerged from France, Germany and Italy, the Eurozone only grew by 0.1% in the last quarter of 2009 also Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century in a One Day International cricket match. The P.G.M. was delighted to be able to present Grand Lodge Certificates to Bro’s. Ray Mills and Andrew Morris seen here proudly displaying their certificates (Ray on left & Andrew on right). Bro. Philip Gray (3rd from right) was Advanced into the Mark Degree by a combination of W.Bro. Steve Field, P.M., Prov.G.Stwd, and V.W.Bro. Graham Seeman, P.G.J.O., Dep.P.G.M. in a most excellent ceremony. The whole meeting was conducted in an excellent manner followed by a very convivial festive board in the dining room at Wokingham.

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