The Installation meeting of Hungerford Mark Lodge

With thanks to W Bro Adie Lovell for this wonderful report. We particularly liked the quote “Mark is the future and a degree that once joined is not given up”, we couldn’t agree more….



A great evening was had by all at The Hungerford Mark Lodge Installation.


W Bro Jim Payen installed Bro Ian Atkinson into the chair of Adnorinum with skill rarely witnessed. This meeting was superbly supported by many active Provincial Officers with the addresses work perfect. W Bro Jim to the Master. W Bro Kevin Dood to the Wardens W Bro Gerry Preston to the Overseers and VW Bro Mike Sanders to the Brethren. All the officers took their new roles and PMs the administrative roles in support. This Lodge has a great future.

The Festive Board was great fun where all toasts were honoured and £200 raised for various charities. Mark is the future and a degree that once joined is not given up.

I thank my host W Bro Kevin and the members of Hungerford Mark for providing me and all the other guests with an evening to be remembered. Thank you.

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