Mark Executive present "An Introduction to Mark Masonry" @ Wantage - Tuesday 22nd March 2016

The Mark Executive, RW Bro Richard Olliver (PGM), VW Bro Graham Seeman (DepPGM), W Bro Mike Sanders (ProvGSec) and W Bro Steve Berkshire (ProvGDC) were invited to the Wantage Masonic Centre by Wantage Lodge of Mark Master Masons to deliver “An Introduction to Mark Masonry” at a Dine a Master Mason event.

Members and guests gathered in the Bar area and then moved into the Lodge room to hear the presentation. It was received well, with many questions being asked and answered. An interesting evening was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks goes to Ashdown Lodge No. 8592 (led by two well known Mason’s (W Bro’s Ian Hopgood and Henry Bishop) for cancelling their Lodge of Instruction and coming to the Wantage centre thus making a daily advancement in their Masonic knowledge.

12 Master Masons attended and found the evening most rewarding with a number saying that they would seriously consider joining the “Friendly Degree”. All adjourned to the bar where a supper of fish and chips was served together with the usual accompaniment (salt and vinegar of course).

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