Mark Benevolunt Fund Willowburn Hospice Visit – Tuesday 18th September 2018

I paid a visit to the Willowburn Hospice in Durham yesterday to see how our grant of £35,000 for a piped oxygen system in their brand new hospice was being utilised. It really was an eye opener to see how such a grant has made a world difference to the welfare of patients and nurses in the new building.

The patients will now be able to move about the whole building including bedrooms, the communal areas and the new café, and consulting rooms all without the need to carry or wheel portable oxygen bottles. They will be able to plug in to the piped system at a whole range of points reducing stress on the patients and the need for nurses to maintain equipment. This really has become an integral part of the hospice. Once completed a plaque will be placed next to the maintenance unit which is in the main reception and will be viewed by all.

The enthusiasm and excitement of all at the Willowburn Hospice is infectious! I will keep you up to date on how things progress in the coming months.

Photos here:

Kind regards,
Charities Manager

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