Linden Acre Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1568 Installation Meeting - Tuesday 13th October 2020

After twelve months of pandemic inactivity, Linden Acre Mark Lodge met again on Tuesday 13th October 2020 at Wokingham Masonic Centre when by Grand Lodge Dispensation it was able to elect and Install its new Worshipful Master.
Since the last meeting the Lodge had lost its Senior and Junior Wardens to the GOOTU and it was therefore necessary to invite a Past Master of the Lodge to take charge for the ensuing year. Happily, R.W. Bro. Peter J Sands, P.P.G.M., who was in the Chair in 1982, offered himself for the office which, being the only nomination, was declared Master-Elect and subsequently Installed as Master by the Installing Master, W. Bro. John Kirkpatrick. This exchange served the dual purpose of relieving R.W. Bro. Peter from his office as Treasurer haven taken over from W. Bro. John to allow him to pass through the Chair. The installation was equally significant as it allowed the appointment and investiture (of those in attendance) of those enthusiastic Mark Master Masons working their way towards the Chair to progress without losing a year due to the pandemic and ‘as an encouragement to hope for brighter prospects’.
Attendance at the meeting was restricted under the ‘Rule of Six’ and conducted under the care of W. Bro. Graham Parker (Past President of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety) to ensure social distancing and cleanliness was observed. This could not be possible without the equal attention paid to the Covid-19 Safety Precautions of the Masonic Centre by W. Bro. Tim Dummer and his team. The members in attendance were (pre-/post-installation ceremony) W. Bro. John Kirkpatrick (Installing Master/Treasurer), R.W. Bro. Peter J Sands, P.P.G.M. (Treasurer/Master), W. Bro. Graham Parker (Tyler/Registrar of Marks), W. Bro. David Medley (Secretary/Secretary), Bro. Tim Sherwood (acting SW/SW) and Bro. Steve Hieke (acting JW/JW and Assistant Secretary).

Back row:  Bro. Tim Sherwood (SW),  R.W. Bro. Peter J Sands, P.P.G.M. (Master), Bro. Steve Hieke (JW)

Front row:  W. Bro. John Kirkpatrick (Treasurer), W. Bro. Graham Parker P.P.G.Stwd. (Reg. of Marks)

(Behind the camera: W. Bro. David Medley … and you all know what he looks like!)

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