Friendship & Care Lodge of MMM No. 1555 - Tuesday 17th November 2020

At 6.30pm on Tuesday 17th November 2020 Friendship & Care Lodge of MMM No. 1555  held a Virtual Business Meeting which was presided over by W.Bro. Andy Basham, Worshipful Master. The meeting was declared open, the dispensation was read, the Provincial Grand Master gave a eulogy to R.W.Bro. Alan Frederick Brunning, minutes of the last meeting where confirmed followed by:

Confirmation of W.Bro. Andy Basham as the Worshipful Master for the year 2020/2021, the Treasurers report and election of officers to serve on the Lodge Committee, serve as Examiners, a representative to serve on the management committee of BeMBA and Sindlesham Court.

The Almoners report was received along with the BeMBA report.

All matters having been covered the presiding officer declared the meeting closed

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