Erlegh Mark Lodge No. 1627 – Saturday 14th September 2019

23 Mark Master Masons attended Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627 on Saturday, 14th September at Sindlesham.
A Candidate: James David Miles Owens – was Advanced by Members of the Lodge with a few visitors having to supplement some of the Offices. The principal work content was performed by the Worshipful Master – W.Bro. Steve W May; the Registrar of Marks – W.Bro. Peter D Lloyd; and the Director of Ceremonies – W.Bro. Tony J. Hardiman.

One of the Founders of the Lodge – W.Bro. Ken C Harvey will have his 90th birthday in October 2019 and so the Lodge both surprised and congratulated him on the evening by presenting him with an engraved silver salver to mark the onset of becoming a nonagenarian. W.Bro. Ken was pleased to have been recognised and was moved by the Lodge’s gift. Furthermore, the long-term Tyler – W.Bro. Lucky S Notay announced that he will step-down from being Tyler as old age and severe immobility made the commitment too arduous for him. The Lodge thanked W.Bro. Lucky for his service and wished him well for his future.

Photographs of: our new Brother – Jim Owens; W.Bro. Ken Harvey and W.Bro. Lucky Notay with some Members of the Lodge are attached here.

Bro. Kwame A. Kwesie was voted-in as the next Worshipful Master and he will be Installed at the next Meeting in March 2020. A Notice of Motion was given at the Meeting to change two of the current Saturday Meetings of the Lodge those in in May and September to Saturdays in July and November. The May Meetings took place on the football Cup Final day and as a result the attendance was always poor.

The Meeting was enjoyed by all and an aura of happiness purveyed throughout. The evening was concluded with a Fish & Chip Supper which was consumed with glee by 21 diners. We all look forward to our Installation Meeting on Saturday, 2th. March 2020.

Compiled by: Silverio L. Ostrowski. – 15th. September 2019

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