Conrad Costin Lodge of MMM No. 1430 Virtual Business Meeting - Thursday 20th May 2021

The second Virtual Business Meeting (and hopefully the last)! of the Conrad Costin Lodge was held on Thursday 20th May, it was attended by 4 Members and 7 Distinquished  Brethren, and to quote the Provincial Grand Master although “small in number it was great in quality” although I think he was referring to the fact that he was supported by the Deputy PGM, Provincial S.W, Secretary, Almoner, Master Overseer and Standard Bearer.

After being declared open, the letters of permission and dispensation were read and the business in hand was conducted in a professional and enjoyable manner, with the Dep.P.G.M as BeMBA Chairman, bringing us up to date with BeMBA’s  activities and the P.G.M giving an optimistic outlook on the near future for face to face meetings.

Altogether it was a most pleasant and light hearted meeting, but still no substitute for which was once ‘normal’ but as we say “ happy to meet, happy to part and happy to meet again” (too right)!

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