Busy night @ Caduceus Lodge of MMM No. 1631 – Monday 3rd September 2018

It was a busy night at the meeting of Caduceus Lodge of MMM No. 1631 on Monday 3rd September 2018. Firstly the P.G.M. presented Grand Lodge certificates to Bro’s Sean Kulan and Tim Lee seen here displaying certificates, Sean on the left and Tim on the right.
A ballot for was then taken to Advance Bro’s Brian Michael Bicknall and David Thomas Harragan. The ballot proved successful and both candidates were Advanced in an excellent manner by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Gary Brodie, and the officers of the Lodge. There were however, two noticeable substitutes in the persons of Bro. Anthony Howlett-Bolton (Craft PGM) as Junior Overseer and R.W.Bro. Peter Sands, P.P.G.M. as Junior Deacon.
All then retired to the festive board where Bro. Brian was heard to say to the P.G.M. I can now understand why you call this the friendly degree, just listen to the buzz around the room it is quite magical.
In response to his toast the P.G.M. thanked all present for their attendance and how the meeting was a wonderful start to the new masonic year, a brilliant ceremony and a magnificent atmosphere at the festive board, what more could he ask for.
Pictured above are from left to right:
V.W.Bro. Graham David Seeman, P.G.J.O., Dep.P.G.M.
Bro. Sean Kulan
Bro. Tim Lee
W.Bro. Gary Brodie, W.M.
Bro. Brian Bicknell
Bro. David Harragan
R.W.Bro. Richard Olliver, P.G.M., G.M.R.A.C.

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