An Advancement Ceremony & The Provincial Travelling Keystone arrives at Porchester Lodge of MMM No. 27 – Wednesday 13th February 2019

On Wednesday 13th February 2019 the Berkshire Provincial Travelling Keystone was transferred from the temporary stewardship of Windsor Castle Lodge of MMM No. 519 to that of the Porchester Lodge of MMM No. 27. The ceremony taking place at the Newbury Masonic Temple in the presence of 32 Brethren.
The Keystone was delivered to the meeting by W.Bro. Steve Croston, Worshipful Master of Windsor Castle accompanied by W.Bro. Richard Haydon, the Windsor Castle Director of Ceremonies.
W.Bro. Croston presented the Keystone with due ceremony to W.Bro. Roger Cooper, Worshipful Master of Porchester. W.Bro. Cooper then paraded it around the Temple so that it could be viewed by all attending.
W.Bro. Cooper observed that it was an honour for Porchester to have temporary custody of the Keystone and would in due course transfer it to the stewardship of Jersey Lodge. The Transfer of the Keystone with its supporting documentation was observed by W.Bro. Ed George as the representative of the R.W.PGM of Berkshire.
Following an excellent Advancement Ceremony of Bro. Brendan Lovelock, who greatly enjoyed the evening, and the closure of the Lodge photographs were taken as a pictorial record of the evening and all retired to Newbury & Crookham Golf Club for a very convivial festive board.

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