Old Rectory RAM Meeting - 25th of August 2022

Old Rectory RAM held their regular meeting at Workington on the 25th of August. As the Province’s only daylight RAM Lodge 19 members attended for what was an extremely busy meeting. Presiding over the meeting the Worshipful Commander, W Bro Phillip Batten, welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master to the meeting and immediately had him working presenting a Grand Lodge certificate to Bro Elwyn Hopkin. This was followed by the elevation of Bro Lloyd Scrivener Into the order which the Worshipful Commander fulfilled in a very creditable manner. Not content to let the Deputy sit back he then invited him to present the working tools to the candidate which he was happy to do. Ever busy the Worshipful Commander then installed his successor, W Bro Ted Lewis into the chair of Noah. He finished off a very busy morning with the address to the new Commander. W Bro Ted then installed his officers and took over the management of the meeting in his inimitable style. The meeting was closed and all retired to a most convivial lunch with the usual Masonic toasts.

At the festive board the Deputy Provincial Grand Master asked those present to publicise the daylight lodge especially among our provincial members who are finding it difficult to drive at night. He emphasised that Old Rectory would meet their requirements and enable them to maintain their Masonic affiliation and friendships. All agreed it had been a most enjoyable meeting and were well on their way home by 2.30.

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