Linden Acre Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners – Tuesday 28th January 2020

Linden Acre RAM Lodge experienced one of its smallest attendances on Tuesday 28th January during the tenure of the current Lodge Scribe (not his fault but others may beg to differ) – eight members and one guest. However, the small number did not diminish the enjoyment of seeing Bro. Shaun Simmons presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate by R.W. Bro. Peter Sands and hearing the Worshipful Commander, W. Bro. David Wiltcher, present a paper written by the late V.W. Bro. the Revd. Neville Barker-Cryer entitled ‘The Ark and the Dove which explained the connection of the Ark Mariner degree, first known as the ‘Ark and the Dove’ degree, with Royal Arch Masonry. The paper was eloquently delivered by the Worshipful Commander and well received by the Brethren. The festive board was equally intimate and highly enjoyable which, because of the low numbers being below the catering minimum, consisted of fish and chips bought from the local chippy and gratefully arranged by W. Bro. Alan Spearman aided by W. Bro. Hugh Ranscombe. In the absence of the usual in-Lodge photo, a snap was taken of Bro. Richard Mackrow and W. Bro. Alan Spearman performing a not often seen piece of masonic ritual closely aligned with the lecture and called ‘Completion of the Fishy and the Dishy’.

Yours in abject failure,

S & F

David Medley

Linden Acre Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 1568

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