Jersey Lodge of RAM No. 257 Virtual Business Meeting - Wednesday 11th November 2020

Our Worshipful Commander, W. Bro. Vito Mingolla, held a historic event for the Lodge when he Presided over our first (and hopefully only !!!) Virtual Business Meeting. Fifteen Brethren attended the meeting and the Province was represented by W. Bro. Jim Payen, the Provincial Grand Treasurer, who looked after the Zoom side of the arrangements.

After declaring the meeting open, the Dispensation was read. W. Bro. Jim Payen then gave a very sincere and moving Eulogy to R.W. Bro. Alan Frederick Brunning, a well-respected and long-standing Honorary Member of the Lodge. The Brethren observed a silence in respect to departed merit.

The Members approved that the Commander should continue in Office until the Installation Meeting in June, 2021. W. Bro. Vito declared that his Officers would also continue until then (all had given their prior assent). The elections for our next Worshipful Commander (Bro. Richard Lloyd) and Lodge Officers, made at the November, 2019 meeting were confirmed.

Also confirmed was the Elevation of Bro. James Sampins, planned for our June, 2021 meeting. Looking through the Minute Book, I do not think anyone has had to wait so long to be Elevated into our Lodge. He is really looking forward to it !!!

The BeMBA Report and Rising Paper had been previously circulated and there being no other business, the Presiding Officer declared the meeting closed.

Our thanks must go to our Provincial Grand Master for his encouragement and arrangements for Virtual Business Meetings, which are keeping our Lodges active during these difficult times. The Meeting was enjoyed by all those who attended.

W.Bro. Hugh Ranscombe, R.A.M.G.R.

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