An Installation, Elevation & 9 MBF Awards @ Wallingford Lodge of RAM No. 1162 - Friday 31st March 2017

Pictured back row from left to right are:
W Bro Clive Blackburn, PCN
Bro James Gilding-Brant
Bro Ian Rolph
W Bro Colin Gilbey, PCN
W Bro Frank Hames, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Pictured front row from left to right are:
Bro Paul Wilding (Newly Elevated Brother)
W Bro Graham Seeman, RAMGR, DepPGM
W Bro Ted Lewis (Worshipful Commander)
W Bro Preston Bemis, PCN (Installing Commander)
RW Bro Richard Olliver, PGM
W Bro Mike Sanders, PCN, RAMGR

The Worshipful Commander, W Bro Preston Bemis undertook all the business of Wallingford Lodge of RAM No. 1162 on Friday 31st March 2017 when he firstly Elevated Bro Paul Andrew Wilding into the degree of Royal Ark Mariner in a most sincere manner.
He then proceeded to Installed Bro Ted Lewis as Worshipful Commander in the same sincere manner. W Bro Ted appointed all his officers in a most able manner, in fact the atmosphere of the complete evening was one of fraternal affection & concord.

During the risings the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Richard Olliver had the tremendous pleasure of presenting 9 Mark Benevolent Fund collarettes & jewels to the following Brethren:
Bro James Gilding-Brant (Life Governor)
Bro Ian Rolph (Life Governor)
Bro Paul Wilding (Vice Patron)
W Bro Clive Blackburn (Patron)
W Bro Colin Gilbey (Patron)
W Bro Ted Lewis (Patron)
W Bro Mike Sanders (Grand Patron) at the same time the PGM presented a Vice Patron brooch/necklace for Mrs Ann Ross in memory of her husband Ian and asked W Bro Mike to pass it on to her with his best wishes.
The PGM called forward W Bro Frank Hames and presented a Grand Patron brooch/necklace in memory of his dear wife Carol and asked him to present it to his daughter with his grateful thanks.

The PGM thanked all the recipients for their personal generousity saying what a pleasure it was to be able to present so many awards at one meeting.

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