Valentia Lodge of Mark Master Masons – No. 623
Founded 1910 (Double Keystone Lodge) Centenary Celebrated 27th October 2010

Held at the Masonic Hall, Reading Road, Wokingham, Berks
on the fourth Wednesday in February, April, October (I) and November.

Officers 2017 - 2018
Bro Steve J Field, PM Worshipful Master
Bro Paul Lyden Senior Warden
Bro Andy D Blatchford Junior Warden
Bro Garrick Steventon Master Overseer
Bro David T Barber, PPGInspWks Senior Overseer
Bro David J Parry Junior Overseer
Bro Tim Weller, PM, PPGJW Chaplain
Bro Tim D Double, PGStwd Treasurer
Bro Terry H T Wilkinson, PM, PPGSO Registrar of Marks
Bro Tim M Dummer, PM, PGJD
Tel No: 0118 377 8132
Bro Steve A Talbot, PM, PPGMO Director of Ceremonies
Bro Lucky S Notay, PM, PPGJW Almoner
Bro J A J (Jimmy) Edmundson Charity Steward
Bro John E Remmington, PM, PPGReg Senior Deacon
Bro Francesco Grande Junior Deacon
Bro A (Tony) Thomas, PM, PPGJD Asst Director of Ceremonies
Bro Mike E Newton, PM, PPAGDC Assistant Secretary
Bro Trevor T Steventon Organist
Bro Grant A Goddard Inner Guard
Bro Martin L Kerby, PM, PPGJD Steward
Bro Raymond L King Steward
Bro R (Bob) A Sprattley Tyler

Subscribing Past Masters
1982 David Lloydlangston 2009 Steve A Talbot
1994 Terry H T Wilkinson 2010 A (Tony) Thomas
1998 Lucky S Notay 2011 Martin L Kerby
1999 Tim M Dummer 2012 John A Carpenter
2003 Steve A Talbot 2013 Mike E Newton
2004 Alan R Latto 2014 Brian W King
2005 Barrie Davies 2015 Derek J Barrett
2006 Tim Weller 2016 Steve J Field
2007 John E Remmington    



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