Windsor Castle Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners - No. 519
Founded 1921 (Keystone Lodge)

Held at the Masonic Hall, Church Lane, Windsor, Berks
on the third Wednesday in May and October (I).

Officers 2017 - 2018
Bro Jim E F Dance, PCN
Worshipful Commander
Bro Dr Neil S Coleman, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Senior Warden
Bro Richard Haydon, ProvRAMGR
Junior Warden
Bro Ed G George
Bro John K Palmer, PCN, ProvRAMGR

Alan W Fone, PCN, ProvRAMGR

Tel: 01784 473404


Bro David Lambton, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Director of Ceremonies
Bro Richard Haydon, ProvRAMGR
Bro R (Bob) G Britten, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Charity Steward
Bro David E Capel
Senior Deacon
Bro Bernard Greenwold
Junior Deacon
Bro Len S Starling, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Asst Director of Ceremonies
Bro John K Palmer, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Bro Vacant

Subscribing Past Commanders
1974 Alan F Brunning 2009 R (Bob) G Britten
1986 Richard G Routledge 2010 Len S Starling
1994 Doug J L Jamieson 2011 Dr Neil S Coleman
2001 Richard G Routledge 2012 Dr Neil S Coleman
2002 David Lambton 2013 R (Bob) G Britten
2006 Dr Neil S Coleman 2014 R (Bob) G Britten
2007 John K Palmer 2015 Stephen B Croston
2008 Alan W Fone 2016 Jim E F Dance



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