Porchester Lodge of Mark Master Masons – No. 27

Founded 1858

Triple Keystone Lodge

Held at the Masonic Hall, Clarendon Gardens, London Road, Newbury, Berks
on the second Wednesday in February, March (I), October and November.

Officers 2017 - 2018
Bro Frank I Paul
Worshipful Master
Bro Roger I Cooper
Senior Warden
Bro Lee J Farmer
Junior Warden
Bro Mark N Henley
Master Overseer
Bro Terry V Speight, PM, PPGJW
Senior Overseer
Bro Miguel Medina-Romero
Junior Overseer
Bro Doug T Watmough, PM, PAPGDC
Bro John Watson
Bro Pat J Leonard, PM, PAGDC
Registrar of Marks

Roger G McGuire, PM, PPGJW

Tel No: 01635 42414

Email: roger.mcguire@btinternet.com

Bro Mike C Williams, PM, PPGSD
Director of Ceremonies
Bro A Don C Beaver, PM, PGJD
Bro Roger I Cooper
Charity Steward
Bro John A Horton
Senior Deacon
Bro Kirk Taylor
Junior Deacon
Bro Alan G Halewood, PM, PPGJW
Asst Director of Ceremonies
Bro A Don C Beaver, PM, PGJD
Bro Keith W Flower
Inner Guard
Bro Peter T Markwick, PM
Bro Vincent J Spiller
Bro Colin D Henley, PM, PPGSO

Subscribing Past Masters
1983 A Don C Beaver 2008 Terry V Speight
1994 Alan G Halewood 2009 Mike C Williams
2000 Roger C McGuire 2010 Chris J Baker
2001 Colin D Henley 2011 Chris J Baker
2002 John Brownell 2013 Doug T Watmough
2003 Grant K Frost 2014 Doug T Watmough
2004 Grant K Frost 2015 Chris J Baker
2006 Pat J Leonard 2016 Stephen J Lyford
2007 Terry V Speight    



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