Cranley Lodge of Mark Master Masons – No. 1616
Founded 1985

Held at the Masonic Hall, Church Lane, Windsor, Berks
on the third Monday of October and the second Monday of April (I).

Officers 2017 - 2018
Bro T M Brian McCormack
Worshipful Master
Bro Tim R Smith
Senior Warden
Bro David A Gray
Junior Warden
Bro Clive R Pemble
Master Overseer
Bro James Sampins
Senior Overseer
Bro Vacant
Junior Overseer
Bro Owen C W Price, PM
Bro Timothy J J MacAndrews, PM, PAGSwdB, AsstPGM(London)
Bro Richard G Routledge, PM, PAGDC
Registrar of Marks

H E Henry Hobson, PM, PGJD. AsstPGM(London)

Tel No: 020 8780 2131


Bro David M P Williams, PM, PPGJO
Director of Ceremonies
Bro Wayne Sapford, PM, PPGInspWks
Bro Michael H Lawson, PGSW
Charity Steward
Bro Vacant
Senior Deacon
Bro John W Holsman
Junior Deacon
Bro Guy J Barlow, PM, PPGMO
Assistant Director of Ceremonies
Bro John M Clark, PM
Assistant Secretary
Bro Vacant
Inner Guard
Bro Steve A Talbot, ProvGMO

Subscribing Past Masters
1986 Dr Keith J Tilling 2008 Timothy J J MacAndrews
1990 Alan F Brunning 2009 H E Henry Hobson
1993 Dr John L W Wright 2010 Malcolm R Aish
1999 Greville R Newson-Smith 2011 Wayne Sapsford
2002 David M P Williams 2012 Alistair J Townsend
2003 Malcolm R Aish 2013 Dr John L W Wright
2004 Wayne Sapsford 2014 John M Clark
2005 Wayne Sapsford 2015 Owen C W Price
2006 Richard G Routledge 2016 Hugh Douglas-Smith
2007 Guy J Barlow



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