Pangbourne Lodge of Mark Master Masons – No. 1094
Founded 1948 (Double Keystone Lodge)

Held at the Masonic Temple, Shooter’s Hill, Pangbourne, Berks
on the fourth Monday in March (I) , second Monday in May and the fourth Monday in July and October.

Officers 2018 - 2019
Bro Alan Raffaelli
Worshipful Master
Bro Phillip Damant
Senior Warden
Bro Lindsay V Maskell
Junior Warden
Bro Graham Grant
Master Overseer
Bro John M Jenkins
Senior Overseer
Bro John Patey
Junior Overseer
Bro Terry V Speight, PM, PPGJW
Bro Alan G Spearman, PM, PAGSwdB
Bro Stephen L Ricks
Registrar of Marks

Adrian S Lovell, PM, PPGInspWks

Tel. No: 07411 253866


Bro Malcolm G T Hitchman, PM
Director of Ceremonies
Bro Alan G Spearman, PM, PAGSwdB
Bro Lindsay V Maskell
Charity Steward
Bro Phillip J Cottrell
Senior Deacon
Bro Kevin Dodd, PPGJO
Junior Deacon
Bro Lee A Hughes, PM, PPGSO
Assistant Secretary
Bro Simon H Williams
Bro David L Medley, PM, PPGMO
Inner Guard

Subscribing Past Masters
1996 Alan G Spearman 2012 David L Medley
2003 Lee A Hughes 2013 Peter H Oakley
2005 Terry V Speight 2014 Malcolm G T Hitchman
2006 David L Medley 2015 Malcolm G T Hitchman
2007 Les Langley 2016 Terry V Speight
2008 Adrian S Lovell 2017 Richard I Wilkins
2011 Terry V Speight    



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