Porchester Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners – No. 27
Founded 1987

Held at the Masonic Hall, Clarendon Gardens, London Road, Newbury, Berks
on the first Wednesday in February and November and the second Wednesday in April (I).

Officers 2018 - 2019
Bro Chris J Baker, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Worshipful Commander
Bro Stephen G Lyford
Senior Warden
Bro Frank I Paul
Junior Warden
Bro John Brownell, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Bro James E Payen, PCN, ProvRAMGR

Steve J Berkshire, PCN, ProvRAMGR

Tel. No: 01635 30405

Email: steve.berkshire@sky.com

Bro Kevin Dodd, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Director of Ceremonies
Bro Roger I Cooper
Senior Deacon
Bro Peter T Markwick
Junior Deacon
Bro Ian A Spence, PCN, ProvRAMGR
Asst Director of Ceremonies
Bro A Don C Beaver, PCN, RAMGR
Bro David A Reeves
Bro John B De Lara
Bro Colin D Henley, PCN, ProvRAMGR

Subscribing Past Commanders
1988 A Don C Beaver 2010 Kevin Dodd
1993 Alan G Halewood 2011 Chris J Baker
1995 Pat J Leonard 2012 Ian A Spence
1999 Roger G McGuire 2013 Ian A Spence
2004 Colin D Henley 2014 Steve J Berkshire
2005 John Brownell 2015 Steve J Berkshire
2007 Pat J Leonard 2016 James E Payen
2008 Pat J Leonard 2017 T (Terry) V Speight
2009 James E Payen    



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