Made and donated by W Bro Peter Wright, PPGJO - Wallingford Lodge of MMM No. 1162


Travelling Keystone

Date Brethren who accompanied the Keystone Lodge to whom the Keystone was passed Centre
10th July 2018
W.Bro's. Douglas Marlow (W.M.), Silverio Ostrowski (Sec.), Tony Hardiman, & Bro. Ian Wharton
Hungerford Lodge of MMM No. 1342 Newbury
19th May 2018
W.Bro's. Gary Mitchell (W.M.), Steve Croston (I.P.M.), Peter Hughes (Chap.), Philip Batten (Sec.), Bob Watson (R.o.M.), Bernard Greenwold (Alm.) & R.W. Bro. Peter Sands, P.P.G.M. (Steward).
Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627 Sindlesham
26th April 2018
W.Bro's. Robert Marchbanks (W.M.), Mike Curphey (Chap.), Richard Purdy (R.o.M.), Stephen Adamek (P.M.), Don Grant (I.P.M.), David Arnold (Treas.) & Simon Jeffery (D.C.), plus Bro's. Andrew Basham (J.W.), Les Taylor (M.O.) & Roger Tomlinson (Asst. Org.).
Charles Wilkinson Lodge of MMM No. 1657 Sindlesham
20th Mar 2018

W.Bro's. Steve Field (W.M.), Derek Barrett (I.P.M.), Tim Dummer (Sec.), Mike Newton (Asst. Sec.), Steve Talbot (D.C.), Tim Double (Treas.),Tony Thomas (A.D.C.), Lucky Notay (Alm.), Bro's Andy Blatchford (J.W.), David Parry (J.O.), Grant Goddard (I.G.) & Jimmy Edmundson (Ch. Stwd.).

Friendship & Care Lodge of MMM No. 1555 Sindlesham
28th Feb 2018
W.Bro's. Ray Duncan (W.M.), Huw Hopkin (D.C.), Elwyn Hopkin (Sec.) & Bro Neil Howard (S.W.)
Valentia Lodge of MMM No. 623 Wokingham
22nd Feb 2018
R.W.Bro. Richard Olliver, V.W.Bro. Graham Seeman, W.Bro's. Silverio Ostrowski, Bernard Greenwold, Bob Watson, Richard Haydon, Alan Miles, Ian Johnson, Raymond Head, Mike Sanders, Steve Berkshire, Hugh Ranscombe, Jim Payen, Frank Hames, David Arnold, Peter Hughes, Huw Hopkin, Paul Ackland-Snow, Richard Mackrow, Colin Wills, Tony Hardiman, Mike Warner, Brian Chase, Ian Spence, Colin Gilbey, Les Canham, Brian King & Brian Bernstein.
Leopold Lodge of MMM No. 235 Sindlesham



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