Travelling Keystone

Procedure to be followed when a Master of one Lodge is presenting the Travelling Keystone to the Master of another Lodge


The Lodge is opened in the normal manner.
Procedures such as reading any Dispensation, paying respect to any Departed Brother or receiving any Provincial Officer are dealt with.
Tyler Knocks * * **
IG Whom have you there?
The Worshipful Master and Brethren of . . . . . Lodge No. . . . . who request admission to deliver the Travelling Keystone of the Mark Province of Berkshire.
(If a Provincial DC is present he will say this instead of the Tyler)
IG Wait while I report to the Worshipful Master.
Worshipful Master, the Worshipful Master and Brethren of . . . . Lodge No. . . . . stand outside the door of the Lodge and request to be admitted in order to deliver to you the Travelling Keystone of the Mark Province of Berkshire.
WM We will be very pleased to receive them.
Brother Directors of Ceremonies
The Lodge DC and ADC proceed to door of Lodge together to meet the delegation which will have been formed in two columns (by the Prov DC if present or themselves if he is not present). The Senior Ranks to the front and the Provincial DC and Visiting WM at the rear, the WM carrying the Travelling Keystone in both hands, with its face forwards. If the Provincial DC is not present the WM will stand in the middle at the back holding the Keystone as stated.

The Lodge DC and ADC take position at the head of the columns to lead them either side of the Lodge Overseers. As they enter the Lodge the Lodge DC will say:

Brethren, To Order; to receive the WM and Brethren of . . . . . Lodge No. . . . .who bring with them the Travelling Keystone of this Province.”
(If a Provincial DC is present he will call the Brethren to Order).
The Visiting WM will stop by the Senior Overseer, temporarily rest the Travelling Keystone on the SO’s pedestal, move to the right so he has a clear view of the Lodge WM and salute him as a Mark Master Mason. He picks up the Travelling Keystone in both hands with its face forward and proceeds to a position between the Lodge Master Overseer and the WM and says as follows:
Worshipful Master the Keystone is an item of great importance and is the symbolic representation of the Mark Degree.
Verse 22 of the 118th Psalm tells us:
The stone which the builders refused is become the Headstone of the Corner.
It shows that the decisions of man can be mistaken, and the importance of having faith in one’s work. It tells us that those who may appear insignificant have the potential to achieve distinction and that each one of us has a part to play in the Building of Life.
It is my pleasure to present to you this Travelling Keystone in order that it may continue on its perpetual journey around the Mark Province of Berkshire, promoting the exchange of Fraternal Friendship, Fellowship & Goodwill between the Lodges in our Province.
I deliver it into your safe keeping and request that you, and as many Brethren of your Lodge as possible, deliver it to the xxxxxxxxx Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. xxxx which meets at xxxxxxxxxx on xxxxxxxxx xxth/st/nd xxxxxxxxx 201x.
We trust that this evening will increase the special bond of Friendship between the members of our two lodges and that the same will occur when you take this Travelling Keystone on its travels to the next Lodge.”
The Prov DC, or in his absence the Lodge DC, escorts the Visiting WM to the Lodge WM who receives the Travelling Keystone and he responds in words of his own choosing.
  The Visiting WM and his delegation are seated.
The Prov DC, or in his absence the Lodge DC, escorts the Lodge WM clockwise round the lodge. The WM should hold the Travelling Keystone in both hands with its face to the front and display it carefully to each Brother, who remain seated. The WM returns to his Chair, placing the Stone on his pedestal and he sits.
The Prov DC or the Lodge DC will then take the Stone to the Secretary’s table and it is placed it in the Keystone Box.
  The Prov DC or Lodge DC returns to his seat.
  The Lodge then proceeds with its Agenda.


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