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Peter Sands completes fourth leg of his Provincial wide walk

Despite Hurricane Bertha Peter Sands, our PPGM, completed the fourth leg of his walk around the Province between the Masonic Centres of Wantage and Wallingford on Sunday 10th August 2014. Departing Wantage at 10am accompanied by Ian Hopgood they walked and talked enthusiastically whilst making there way towards Wallingford. Unfortunately, such was their absorbing conversation that neither realised that they had taken a wrong turn and had for about an hour been walking back to Wantage. Once the mistake was realised they continued onwards to be hit by the rigours of a dreadful storm that they managed to survive. Despite being behind schedule Ian accompanied Peter as far as South Morton where he was picked up and returned home. Peter continued to Wallingford where he arrived at 4pm welcomed by a group of Wallingford Mark Masons and their wives, including Raymond Head from Caduceus Lodge,

After a brief respite to feed himself with the food provided by Frank Hames and Clive Blackburn the group ventured outside where Clive, the Senior Warden of Wallingford Mark presented Peter with a cheque in support of the 2017 Festival. The above picture marks the moment of that presentation.

Onward and upwards Peter now has a week to prepare himself for the next stage of his sojourn between the Masonic Centres of Wallingford and Pangbourne.

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