Dear Brethren,

In June I will be starting my 7th year as your Provincial Grand Master and should I remain as your PGM until the end of the 2017 Festival I would be into my 11th year. Personally, I consider that term in office is too long so I have decided to retire as your PGM on 2nd July this year. This will enable my successor (whoever that may be) to have a reasonable input into steering the Festival as he might feel was appropriate over the next three and a half years.

It is with much regret that I step down because I have enjoyed being your PGM
tremendously but I feel strongly that it is best for the Province that I take a step back before I become stale. All of you have made the job very satisfying and an enormously fulfilling experience and I particulary thank my executive officers for helping me guide the Province for a brief moment in time.

As is the normal custom I will not attend Mark or RAM meetings for a year up to July 2014 and will very much miss your excellent company.

I wish my successor every possible success and look forward to supporting him to the best of my ability in the future. Thank you all for your friendship.

Kindest Regards,

RW Bro Peter J Sands
Provincial Grand Master


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