Mark Benevolent Fund donate £30,000 to ShelterBox

The Mark Benevolent Fund has made a crucial donation of £30,000 to our partners at ShelterBox who are working hard to help relieve those who are still suffering after Cyclone Idai hit Africa. It’s been two weeks since the cyclone tore through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, washing away homes and destroying livelihoods.
The ShelterBox team is now in Chikwawa, one of the worst-hit areas of southern Malawi. After weeks of heavy rain, the floodwaters remain high and families are too scared to return to their homes. There is now very little press coverage of the disaster, yet people are still in desperate need.
The funds will be used to provide shelter by way of ShelterKits and ShelterBoxes.

This video gives you some idea as to what the people affected are facing:



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