Incoming Active Provincial Officers Dinner - Tuesday 23rd August 2016


Goring & Streatley Golf Club was again the venue for the 2016 - 2017 Incoming Active Provincial Officers Dinner and all those present gathered on the first tee for a team photograph. The only obvious officer not in the photograph was the organiser W Bro Mike Sanders, Provincial Grand Secretary, who was making sure all the arrangement were in hand in the dining room.

Before sitting down for dinner all gathered in the bar downstairs and as you can see the Provincial Grand Secretary was keen to make sure all were having a good time especially as he had missed the team photograph earlier.

Once the all had eaten and received their coffee the Provincial Grand Master informed the Brethren of what would be happening during their year and the way in which the meetings of the year would be communicated to them. He stressed however that during their year of Active Office he wanted to ensure they enjoyed themselves and got the most out of the fantastic year ahead. He also gave an update on how the 2017 Festival was progressing and was very pleased to present Mark Benevolent Fund collaretes to W Bro John Palmer (Patron), W Bro Richard Purdy (Patron) and W Bro Steve Berkshire (Grand Patron).

The Provincial Grand Master then toasted all the Officers present, wished them a happy, enjoyable and successful year and said how much he was looking forward to investing them all on Thursday 8th September 2016.

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