Windsor Castle Lodge of MMM No. 519 - Advancement ceremony 15th January 2020

The evening was more unusual than normal for the assembled Brethren of the Windsor Castle Mark Master Masons Lodge. On Wednesday 15th January we advanced Bro. Jeffrey Turle, a MM from the Vale of Loddon Lodge.
Due to illness, operations and hospitalisation, our numbers were severely depleted. Our sincere thanks must be recorded to W. Bro. Richard Haydon for his omnipresence at this meeting. Just to give you an idea of his dedication to the Lodge, he carried out the following offices:
Director of Ceremonies, Secretary, Register of Marks, Senior Deacon, BEMBA representative and Almoner. I’m sure you will agree this is very impressive?
Jeff has come to us via our recruiting evening last April, Dine a Master Mason. He confirmed very quickly after that introduction by the Provincial Executive his intention to join us. Sure enough, less than a week later, Jeffs application form came through my door, hand delivered.
We were graced with the presence of W.Bro. Robin Trevitt and he readily carried out the duties of Senior Overseer. Our very own honorary member, V.W. Bro. Alan Smee also assisted in the ceremony by keeping the advancee company whilst we opened the lodge and latterly delivered the working tools.
Jeff was delighted by the ceremony as was evident by his short speech after dinner.
Brethren, a great evening was enjoyed by all who were present.
All visitors are always assured of very warm welcome at the Windsor Castle Lodge, so please visit us soon.
Steve Croston, W.M.
Provincial Standard Bearer

Names of the team in the picture L - R:
W.Bro. Dick Haydon, W.Bro. Neil Coleman J.W., Bro. Jeff Turle, W.Bro. Steve Croston W.M., Bro. Jim Wakerley S.W., Bro. Anoop Joshi J.D. and Bro. Kevin Abbitt M.O.



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