Berkshire Mark on Tour in Cyprus once again - 22nd to 25th November 2018

For the second year running the Mark Province of Berkshire visited the District Grand Lodge of Cyprus. The Annual District meeting was held on Friday 23rd November 2018 at the St Raphael Resort and was attended by W.Bro's. Ted Lewis (Wallingford Lodge), Colin Wills (Linden Acre Lodge), Derek Barrett (Valentia Lodge), Colin Gilbey (Wallingford Lodge), John Cooley (Wilder Lodge) and Mike Newton (Valentia Lodge). The superb festive board following the meeting was attended by all our wives where we were entertained by a male and female singer with dancing following. A good time was had by all.
As per the previous year a minibus was arranged to view some interesting sites. The trip started earlier this year at 9.00am in order to see sites further away. However best laid plans always have a habit of going wrong. We had the same driver as last year, as requested by the team, and the challenges started right from the start, we had visions of that well known cry "change of plan" and we got on our way to Aphrodite Rock when we suddenly pulled off the motorway and seemed to head north. Ted asked our driver Petros where we were heading and he said it's much better this way and so "change of plan" was evident from the beginning of the tour.
I must point out at this time that things didn't start too well. The minibus wouldn't start, this is the reason for the spare battery and jumper leads, Ted decided to place the money for the tour in a well placed hole where it promptly disappeared, the third photo shows Ted trying to recover said money. Then Colin's partner Lyn came up with the brilliant idea of sellotape on sticks (4th photo) and very soon the money was recovered. The spare battery and jumper leads were put in the back of the minibus and we moved off at least one hour later than intended but all were still in good spirits and looking forward to the trip.

Going back to where we turned off the motorway we were definitely heading away from Aphrodite Rock and we ended up in the same village as the year before. Of course the previous year we visited this village after our sumptuous meal and gallons of wine, this year being totally sober we found at the top of the village a beautiful church, so the re-visit was well worth it. We then went on to visit a few other sites before settling down in the Skyline Restaurant for lunch. What a meal it was, it's always dangerous to visit the same restaurant but I can assure you we weren't disappointed.
An old venetian bridge was visited but by this time we had all eaten and drunk too much and were more than ready to go back to the hotel.
It was not to be, Petros insisted that we should visit the waterfall. A few intrepid sightseers took to the stairs leading down to the said waterfall. Margaret stupidly got a bit close to the water itself and Mike Newton is seen here attempting to push her in. He failed I'm pleased to say.

We eventually returned to our hotel where we all retired to our rooms to rest from the days activities but of course recovered in plenty of time to meet in the hotel bar later on.

For the second sojourn abroad everyone got on really well and to a man, and woman, all agreed it had been a truly enjoyable experience and indicated that they would like similar future expeditions abroad.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this diary, and you want to join us next time, keep a careful check on the web page as future trips abroad and weekends in the UK are being considered and “All will be welcome. “

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