A Double Elevation @ Jersey Lodge of RAM No. 257
Wednesday 14th November 2018

The meeting started with the Provincial Grand Master presenting a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro. Guy Barlow. This was closely followed by the Elevation of Bro's. Ian Christopher Faulkner and Ian Kennedy Johnson in a most sincere manner by the Worshipful Commander and his officers.

Bro. Vito Mingolla was elected as the Worshipful Commander Elect and W.Bro Ian Hanbury William Thomas as Treasurer.

A ballot was also taken for a new candidate in the person of Bro. Peter Herman Oakley of Pangbourne Lodge of MMM No. 1094. It is clear the Lodge is in a very good position at the moment and long may it continue.

Pictured above from left to right are:
Bro. Trevor Raymond, Junior Deacon
Bro. Tim Sherwood, Steward
Bro. Ian Johnson, Elevatee
Bro. Richard Lloyd, Junior Warden
R.W.Bro. Richard Olliver, PGM
W.Bro Mike Hennessy, Worshipful Commander
Bro. Mark Turner,
Senior Deacon
Bro. Ian Faulkner , Elevatee
W.Bro. Julian Pacey, Director of Ceremonies
Bro. Vito Mingolla, Senior Warden & Commander Elect
W.Bro. David Fisher
W.Bro. Michael White, ADC
Bro. Guy Barlow displaying his certificate



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