Hungerford Lodge of MMM No. 1342 - Tuesday 4th September 2018

Hungerford Lodge of MMM No. 1342 was privileged to receive an explanation of the Mark Degree Tracing Board from W.Bro. Hugh Ranscombe, A.G.D.C., Prov.G.Alm at their meeting on Tuesday 4th September 2018. As usual it was superbly presented by W.Bro. Hugh and was enjoyed by all present.
Before this however the Provincial Grand Master presented a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro. Neil Wilkinson and Bro. John McGregor was welcomed as a joining member.
Pictured above are from left to right:
R.W.Bro. Richard Olliver, P.G.M., G.M.R.A.C.
Bro. Neil Wilkinson
W.Bro. Pat Leonard, P.A.G.D.C., W.M.
Bro. John McGregor
W.Bro. Hugh Ranscombe, A.G.D.C., ProvGAlm
V.W.Bro. Graham David Seeman, P.G.J.O., Dep.P.G.M.



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