Pangbourne Lodge of MMM No. 1094 - 14th May 2018


On Monday 14th May brethren of the Pangbourne Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1094 and their visitors met for their scheduled lodge meeting. This was the first full meeting in which the recently installed Worshipful Master, W Bro Alan Raffaelli took the chair. He warmly welcomed everyone to the Lodge and after investing those officers not present for the Installation Meeting, very ably carried out a rehearsal of the Advancement Ceremony. This was supported by the Officers of the Lodge who also performed their duties well, many of whom were acting in their new roles for the first time. If anything the Junior Warden was perhaps a little too enthusiastic with his “special duty”, which had nothing to do with W Bro Terry Speight agreeing to be the candidate! The rest of the Lodge business was conducted in the usual way with reports from the various brethren before everyone retired to a delightful festive board at the Old Mill, Aldermaston, where the usual Loyal and Masonic Toasts were observed.



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