Provincial Grand Master & Provincial Grand Officers make an Official Visit to Wilder Lodge of MMM No. 1868 - 24th April 2018

The Provincial Grand Grand Master, RW Bro Richard Olliver, GMRAC and 16 of his Provincial Officers made an official visit to Wilder Lodge of MMM No. 1868 on Tuesday 24th April 2018. The PGM informed all present that the last official visit was made on Tuesday 28th April 2009 at which time RW Bro Peter Sands was the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Martin Bernstein, a founder member, who sadly died on 4th October 2016 was the Worshipful Master and on that aftyernoon, some 9 years ago, the current Worshipful Master, W Bro Henry Wade was Advanced and today we will be witnessing the Advancement of his Grandson Oliver into the degree of Mark Master Mason.

Above are pictured from left to right Bro Paramjit Singh Jutla, better known as Bro Pom, the PGM, W Bro Henry Wade (Worshipful Master) and Bro Oliver Wade.
Following the PGM entering the Lodge and taking the chair for a short while, the Worshipful Master announced the next item on the agenda was for the PGM to present Bro Pom with his Grand Lodge Certificate.
Next followed the main event of the morning, to Advance Bro Oliver Wade, the Grandson of the Worshipful Master. The ceremony was conducted by the WM in a superb and most sincere manner ably supported by all his officers.

All then proceeded to the bar for a convivial drink before retiring to the festive board comprising of French Onion soup, Shephards Pie, Fruit Salad & Cream.



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