Jersey Lodge of MMM No. 257 host "An Introduction to Mark Masonry"
12th April 2018

On Thursday 12th April 2018 Jersey Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 257 hosted the first in a series of "An Introduction to Mark Masonry" evenings. The Lodge had no ceremony to deliver and so the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Richard Olliver, GMRAC and two of his executive, VW Bro Graham Seeman, PGJO, DepPGM and W Bro Steve Berkshire, PGStwd, ProvGDC used the opportunity to invite non-mark masons to the meeting.
With the approval of RW Bro Anthony Howlett-Bolton, the Craft PGM, a flyer was circulated to all Craft Masons in the Province of Berkshire and with the encouragement of the members of the Mark Lodges who meet at the Wokingham centre over 60 people attended.

The Lodge was opened, the regular business conducted, the Lodge called off, the non-mark masons admitted, the presentation delivered, non-mark men retired from the Lodge together with the PGM and his fellow presenters. The Lodge called on, closed and all dined together.

Firstly the PGM commenced by taking the assembled Brethren through the agenda for the evening.
He also covered the origins of the degree and what is Mark Masonry whilst the DepPGM highlighted our relationships with other orders our adminstration and the ProvDC detailed our Charites, the cermonies and regalia and the PGM came back to cover why join and take any questions.
Once W Bro Steve Berkshire had detailed the Charities part of the presentation the PGM took the opportunity to present a number of Mark Benevolent Fund Awards.
To Bro Roger Towers Life Governor, W Bro Dr Neil Coleman Vice Patron, W Bro Mike Hennessy (WM) a Grand Patron collarette and the first Diamond Award to be presented in the Province to the Lodge.
On talking to the 22 non-mark masons all seemed to enjoy the evening and it clearly stimulated a number of them to consider joining the degree. At least two application forms where completed on the evening and there have been a few more since.

We all then dined in a most convivial manner.



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