Berkshire Mark on Tour - 23rd to 26th November 2017

A decision by the PGM and Margaret to visit Cyprus to attend the Annual District meeting generated a flurry of interest amongst other Mark Masons in Berkshire. After numerous emails, a carefully co-ordinated plan was formulated which saw 6 mark men, left to right, W Bro's Mike Sanders, Colin Wills, Ted Lewis, PGM, Bob Watson and Alan Miles,
accompanied by wives, left to right, Margaret Miles, Linda Allen, Margaret Olliver, Liz Lewis and Margret Watson, leave our shores for this interesting adventure. Such was the level of co-ordination involved that most left on different days, departing and arriving at different airports!!!!!!!!!!. However, by Thursday evening all had, eventually, arrived at the Elias Beach Hotel just outside Limassol.
The Friday was spent relaxing in the Hotel preparing for the evening District meeting and subsequent white table, not too much of a hard ship as we were all booked in on an all inclusive package. The meeting came and went, with approximately 50 mark men present. Having only 4 Lodges in Cyprus many of the Provincial appointments were in fact re-appointments so the meeting passed quickly. We were joined at the Festive board by our ladies and had an opportunity to meet our Cypriot hosts and their ladies and a good time was had by all.
On the Saturday the Provincial Secretary had arranged for a minibus to take the Berkshire party to Troodos to view the beauties of the mountains and to sample a typical Cypriot taverna lunch. The trip started promptly at 10.30am stopping off at the Kurium Dam and Millomers Waterfall to see the sights.
To the organisers surprise their Cypriot driver, seen here on the left, informed the party that the Taverna booked for lunch was not expecting us but that he knew a better alternative in Platres just below the summit of the Mountain.
The cry of “Change of Plan” became the battle cry as all earlier plans made by the Provincial Secretary became sacrificed to the financial benefits of our driver. After visiting the summit of the mountain, at 6000 feet,
we returned to lower levels and arrived at our Taverna in Platres with the driver being greeted like a long lost son. After an excellent Cypriot Mezzi with substantial amounts of wine we found ourselves on the move again. Our plans to visit President Makarios’s tomb were shelved because of lack of time however the driver did manage to take us to a village for wine tasting and shopping. Then we were back to the hotel for the evening meal that only the most stoic amongst us, still full from lunch, managed to face even then choosing the lightest choices available.
Sunday was a beautiful day allowing the party to rest around the pool and make use of their all-inclusive packages. However before the PGM, Margaret, and Bob & Margret Watson made use of the all-inclusive package they thought it was time for a bit of culture and ventured down the coastal path to Amathous of Cyprus, a City Most Ancient.
The PGM and Margaret departed along with Bob and Margret Watson. Whilst the Watsons returned home from Paphos Airport without difficulty those remaining in the Hotel were stunned by the news that the PGM’s aircraft had gone unserviceable resulting in him having to spend a further night in Cyprus.
Such news generated a fair amount of ribald comment especially from those who had been subject to some of the PGM’s whit about booking flights in and out of Paphos airport rather than Larnaca that he continued to emphasis all weekend was the closest airport. On the Monday the majority of the party left Cyprus picking up the PGM on their way after his almost 24 hour delay.
For a first sojourn abroad everyone got on really well and to a man, and woman, all agreed it had been a truly enjoyable experience and indicated that they would like similar future expeditions abroad.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this diary, and you want to join us next time, keep a careful check on the web page as future trips abroad are being considered and “All will be welcome. “



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