RW Bro Dr Ewan Stafford Page, PPGM hits 50 years as a Mark Master Mason

It was on 14th March 1967 that RW Bro Dr Ewan Stafford Page, PPGM, GMRAC (Hon Causa) of the Province of Berkshire was Advanced to the degree of a Mark Master Mason into Tristram Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 346 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

On 7th November 2017 the current Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Richard John Olliver, GMRAC visited Conrad Costin Lodge of MMM No. 1430 to present him with his 50 year certificate.

The PGM started by saying,
RW Bro Ewan tonight this is your life, or a small part of it.

Wikapedia says about you:
Ewan Stafford Page (b.17th August 1928) is a British academic and computer scientist, and former vice-chancellor of the University of Reading.

Educated at Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys in Leicester and at the University of Cambridge.

After a period of National Service, from 1951 to 1954 you became a research student in the field of statistics at the University of Cambridge this was at a time when the EDSAC, Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, the first full-size stored-program computer was new.
In 1957, you were appointed as director of the Durham University's Computing Laboratory, located at King's College, Newcastle.
When King's College became Newcastle University, the Computing Laboratory became part of that University, and eventually you were appointed a pro-vice-chancellor. In 1976, when the then incumbent died unexpectedly, you served as acting vice-chancellor of Newcastle University.
In 1979, you were appointed vice-chancellor of the University of Reading, a position you held until 1993.
You served as president of the British Computer Society in 1984/5.

Your interests are Golf, music, reading, vegetable gardening, country wine and beer-making.
You married Sheila M. Smith in 1955 and you both now live just outside Bath in Somerset

In the Craft
You were Initiated on 19th November 1955 into Universities Lodge No. 2352 in Durham and became Master on 19th October 1969.

You Joined Grey Friars Lodge No. 1101 in Berkshire on 8th October 1980 and became Master 10th November 2004.
You joined Churchill Lodge No. 478 meeting in Witney, Oxfordshire on 4th December 1989

You were appointed ProvSGW in Durham on 19th May 1976 and promoted to Junior Grand Deacon on 24th April 1991

But of course it is the Mark Degree where you are better known in this Province

You were Advanced into Tristram Lodge No. 346 Newcastle upon Tyne on 14th March 1967
and on 17th July 1997 the summons of Conrad Costin Lodge No 1430 read:
To ballot for as a Joining Member, W Bro Ewan Stafford Page, a Past Master of the Tristram Mark Lodge No. 346, and a Founder of Adoniram Mark Lodge No.1483. Proposed by E B Horton (Senior Deacon) and seconded by C F Sage ProvGReg and you became Master on 25th February 2003

You became a founder member Friendship & Care Lodge No. 1555 on 17th March 1981,

You joined Berkshire & Oxfordshire Installed Masters Lodge No. 1330 on 27th October 1979 and became Master on 2nd May 1997, Caduceus Lodge on 17th May 1990 and Royal Sussex Lodge No. 177 in the Province of Somerset on 27th November 1995, where you became Master on 27th March 2006 and was appointed to PPGSW on 3rd May 2008.

You are still a member of all except Tristram Lodge which you resigned from on 31st August 1997.

The records don’t show your Provincial Ranks in Berkshire but on 31st August 1988 you were promoted to PAGDC and was appointed as Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire on 11th October 1994 from which you retired on 13th June 2002 a total of 7 years and 9 months. Before that of course you were Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire & Oxfordshire and presided over the split of the two Provinces in 1994 so a total of over 12 years a Provincial Grand Master.

Of course the rest is history but you are still a very active member of this Province and support Conrad Costin as well as Friendship & Care at most if not all their meetings. You still deliver the ritual in your own inimitable style, "In Conclusion" here at Conrad Costin and the signs tokens and words at Friendship & Care both being your party pieces.

Ewan my sincere thanks for everything you have done and continue to do and your tremendous support for this Province, it now gives me enormous pleasure to present you with your 50 year certificate as a Mark Master Mason.



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