Double Advancement @ Wilder Lodge of MMM No. 1868 - 25th April 2017

Pictured above from left to right are:
W Bro Tony Hardiman, PM, PGStdB
Bro Clifford Homes
W Bro David Lewendon (Worshipful Master)
RW Bro Richard Olliver (Provincial Grand Master)
Bro Terry Bailey
Bro John Cooley

On Tuesday 25th April 2017 the members and guests of Wilder Lodge of MMM No. 1868 witnessed a double Advancement ceremony. Bro's Cliff Homes and Terry Bailey, both members of Hennerton Lodge No. 8856 were Advanced into the degree of Mark Master Mason by the Worshipful Master, W Bro David Lewendon and his officers in a most enjoyable ceremony. Both candidates enjoyed the Advancement ceremony and at one point during the ceremony Bro Cliff was heard to say, this is brilliant. The atmosphere in the Lodge was one where everybody enjoyed the ceremony, some of the Overseers overplayed their part a bit but all enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in which the ceremony was conducted.
Once the Master Elect (Bro Henry Wade) and the Treasurer (W Bro John Stocker) had been declared as Worshipful Master and Treasurer for the ensuing year the Lodge presented a cheque for £1350 towards the 2017 Festival. The cheque was received by the PGM with much pleasure and he thanked the members of Wilder Lodge for theit collective generousity.
In the second rising the PGM was delighted to be able to present Mark Benevolent Fund, Patron collarettes to W Bro Tony Hardiman and Bro John Cooley. In doing so he thanked them for their personal contribution towards the 2017 Festival.

All in all a thoroughly good meeting and one that was enjoyed by all those present.



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