PGM visits Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627 - 25th March 2017

Pictured above from left to right are:
Bro Ian Wharton (Advancee)
RW Bro Richard Olliver (Provincial Grand Master)
VW Bro Nick Murzell, PM, PGMO, PDepPGM (Worshipful Master)
W Bro Peter Lloyd, PM, PGJD (Installing Master)
Bro David West

At the meeting of Erlegh Lodge of MMM No. 1627, VW Bro Nick Murzell, PM, PGMO, PDepPGM was Installed as Worshipful Master for the second time. The ceremony was conducted by W Bro Peter Lloyd, PM, PGJD in a most sincere manner. On congratulating VW Bro Nick in attaining the chair for the second time the PGM informed those present of his past achievements and also his dedication to the mark degree.

Following the Installation meeting the Worshipful Master and his new officers proceeded to Advance Bro Ian Wharton who had attended the breakfast presentation of "An Introduction to Mark Masonry". He said at the time he found the presentation very informative and would be joining the degree in the future.

The next item on the agenda for the PGM to present Bro David West with his Grand Lodge Certificate, seen here on the far right.

Those present retired to the bar and then onto the festive board where in the traditional manner all the Advancees of the year were formally welcomed and of course they individually responded to their toasts.



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