PGM visits Windsor Castle Mark - 18th January 2017

It was a double celebration at Windsor Castle Lodge of MMM No. 519 on Wednesday 18th January 2017. Firstly they were Advancing another candidate, the second in a year following a period of two years without any candidates. Bro Alan Eastwood (far left) was the candidate, he had recently moved from Gloucestershire to Windsor and comes from a long line a Freemasons in his family. He told the PGM that he was a fourth generation Freemason and his father had told him that he must join the Mark Degree as in his opinion it was an essential qualification for other degrees in Freemasonry. Bro Alan said he thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and thanked everybody for making him so welcome.

Secondly W Bro Martin Woodall had returned to the Lodge after a period of being unable to attend. It was a real pleasure to see him in action again, performing an extremely good ceremony. All those present congratulated him on a job well done following which all retired to the Harte & Garter Hotel for a very pleasant festive board.



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