Held at SINDLESHAM COURT on THURSDAY 14th September 2017

There were present: -


RW Bro R J Olliver PGM


VW Bro G D Seeman, PGJO, DepPGM

Rep. Friendship & Care 1555 (Chairman)

W Bro D Fisher, PAGDC

Rep: Jersey Mark 257 (Secretary)

W Bro  J Stocker, PAGSwdB 

Rep: Friendship & Care 1555

W Bro A Hardiman, PGStdB

Rep: Leopold RAM 235

W Bro J Payen, PGStdB

Rep: Porchester RAM 27, Hungerford Mark 1342 (Treasurer)

W Bro R Head, ProvSReg

Rep: Caduceus Mark 1631

W Bro F Hames, ProvGInspWks

Rep: Wallingford Mark 1162

W Bro D Medley, PPGMO

Rep: Linden Acre Mark 1568

W Bro H Ranscombe, PPGSW Rep: Jersey RAM 257
W Bro Silverio Ostrowski, PPGMO Rep: Erlegh Mark 1627
W Bro R Haydon, PPGReg Rep: Windsor Castle RAM 519
W Bro A H Hopkin, DepPGSec Rep: Leopold Mark 235
W Bro D Lambton, PPGJO

Rep: Charles Wilkinson Mark 1657

W Bro I Hopgood, PPGSW Rep: Wantage Mark


The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Richard Olliver opened the meeting at 3pm and welcomed all present and thanked them for their attendance.

W Bro D Wiltcher PAGDC Rep: Conrad Costin Mark 1430
W Bro G Barlow PPGReg Rep: Cranley Mark 1616

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Richard Olliver, proposed that VW Bro Graham Seeman be re- appointed Chairman, and that W Bro Raymond Head be appointed to Vice Chairman.

The Minutes of the 9th Annual General meeting held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 8th September 2016 having been circulated to all of the members and posted on the Web Page. All were in agreement that they were a true record and they were signed by the Provincial Grand Master.

There were no matters arising that would not covered by the agenda and updates.

The Treasurer, W Bro Jim Payen, gave a report of the financial position of BeMBA. The accounts for the year ending 31st December 2016 have been audited by W Bro's D Medley and D Wiltcher. The report showed Income for 2016 of £172.56 and Expenditure £22,170.97. The reserve was £15,456.53. The major part of the expenditure was in support of the 2017 Festival. Sufficient funds remain to cover our expected costs. He wished to record his thanks to the outgoing Treasurer, John Stocker for his help and to the two examiners.
It was proposed by W Bro F Hames and seconded by W Bro D Lampton that the accounts are adopted with thanks to the Treasurer and Examiners. This was unanimously agreed by the meeting.

The election of the Chairman and Vice Chairman having already been agreed, it was proposed by W Bro Ray Head that as there were only two nominations for the two positions that W Bro Jim Payen be re-elected Treasurer and W Bro Hugh Ranscombe as Secretary. He further proposed that the two Examiners should be W Bro David Wiltcher and W Bro David Medley. This proposal was seconded by W Bro John Stocker and was unanimously agreed by the meeting.

Committee meetings – Tuesday 16th January 2018, Wednesday 9th May 2018 and the AGM prior to the Provincial Meeting.

W Bro Ray Head posed the question, “How are we going to spend the money we get in?” A valid point but one best deferred to the January committee meeting.
RW Bro Richard Olliver then wished to put on record his thanks to BeMBA for the £20,000 donation to the 2017 Festival. He spoke on how well it went and that other money has since been sent in bringing a total close to £700,000.
He next mentioned the forthcoming Festival for 2018 in Lincolnshire and the usual practice of supporting other festivals as others had greatly supported ours. The Province has a Relief Chest which is not often called upon because BeMBA supplies that need and the Provincial Treasurer will be transferring a sum between £2,000 and £2,500 to BeMBA which will enable us to make a cost neutral donation of £2,000 to Lincolnshire and a £1,000 donation to Sussex whose festival is in 2019. In effect this will give each festival £2,000 in the future. He further said that the alms collection from Provincial Grand Lodge meeting and the PGM’s reception would be paid into BeMBA thus leaving sufficient funds in BeMBA. This he proposed and it was seconded by W Bro F Hames with all those present in favour.
RW Bro Richard Olliver then thanked the retiring secretary for his contribution to BeMBA and hoped he would continue to be able available with his knowledge and experience. He then presented W Bro David Fisher with a liquid token of his thanks. It was thankfully received and will be faithfully consumed!

The Chairman closed the meeting at 3.20pm with thanks to all for attendance and interest.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 16th January 2018.

David N Fisher




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