MAY 2016

The Minutes of the 23rd Committee Meeting of BeMBA.

Held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 19th May2016

There were present


VW Bro G Seeman, DepPGM Rep: Friendship & Care Mark 1555 (Chairman)
W Bro R Head, PPGSD Rep: Caduceus Mark 1631
W Bro D Fisher, PAGDC Rep: Jersey Mark 257. (Secretary)
W Bro J Stocker, PAGSwdB Rep: Friendship & Care 1555 (Treasurer)
W Bro S Ostrowski, PPGMO Rep: Erlegh Mark 1627
W Bro J Payen, PGStdB Rep: Porchester RAM 27 & Hungerford Mark 1342
W Bro D Watmough, PM

Rep: Porchester Mark 27

W Bro H Ranscombe, ProvGSW Rep: Jersey RAM 257
W Bro A Hopkin, ProvGJD Rep: Leopold Mark 235


The Chairman VW Bro Graham Seeman opened the meeting at 7.33pm and welcomed all present and thanked them for their attendance.


W Bro D Wiltcher, PAGDC Rep: Conrad Costin Mark 1430


The Minutes of the 22nd Committee meeting held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 21st January 2016 having been circulated to all of the members. Were proposed as a true record by W Bro Jim Payen and seconded by W Bro Raymond Head and confirmed by the brethren present and signed by the Chairman, VW Bro Graham Seeman.


There were no matters arising that would not covered by the agenda and updates.



The Treasurer, W Bro John Stocker, gave a report of the financial position of BeMBA. The balance stands at £35,449 with income of £69 from covenants and interest and expenditure of £2,075 so far this year. The Chairman then raised the matter of the proposed donation of £20,000 to the Mark 2017 Festival first discussed at the January meeting. The members were in agreement that there would be sufficient funds remaining and it was formally proposed by VW Bro Graham Seeman and seconded by W Bro Jim Payen that this should be put to the AGM in September for approval. All were in favour.


There are no claims in the pipeline so far but Lodge representatives are encouraged to stress this in their reports.


The Secretary, W Bro David Fisher, said that he had sent out 84 vouchers to widows. He has had 2 vouchers returned, one had died and another was returned by the Post Office, “not known at address” although it was one he had previously used. This would be chased up with the respective Lodge. He reported that he had 28 out of 32 replies for those on the email list and 46 out of 52 from the postal reply list. W Bro Hugh Ranscombe raised the question of asking the widows if they would like to support the Mark 2017 Festival by donating their next years’ vouchers to it as some had done with the Craft Festival. There was a general discussion on this and whether it could done in time. There was not universal support for this and it was decided not to action this.


According to the By Laws the President will appoint the Chairman and Vice Chairman.
Treasurer:- W Bro Jim Payen.
Secretary:- W Bro David Fisher
Examiners:- To be decided at the AGM.
The Secretary, W Bro David Fisher said that he would be happy to continue for another year but would like to hand over to a successor after the Festival in 2017.


The Chairman, VW Bro Graham Seeman then presented his paper “Proposal for Donations to outside bodies”. This was well received by those present who felt it covered all the issues and would provide a good framework to move this on. It was agreed that this should be circulated to all the reps by the Secretary.


There was no further business.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.39pm with thanks to all for their attendance and interest.

The date of the next meeting is the AGM in September 2016.


David N Fisher


Tel: 01344 412576.





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