The Minutes of the 22nd Committee Meeting of BeMBA.

Held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 21st January 2016

There were present


VW.Bro G. Seeman, DepPGM Rep: Friendship & Care Mark 1555 (Chairman)
W Bro R Head, PPGSD Rep: Caduceus Mark 1631
W Bro D Fisher, PAGDC Rep: Jersey Mark 257. (Secretary)
W Bro J Stocker, PAGSwdB Rep: Friendship & Care 1555 (Treasurer)
W Bro A Hardiman, PGStdB Rep: Leopold RAM 235
W Bro J Payen, PGStdB Rep: Porchester RAM 27 & Hungerford Mark 1342
W Bro D Medley, ProvGMO

Rep: Linden Acre Mark & RAM 1568

W Bro R.Haydon PPGReg. Rep: Windsor Castle Mark 519
W Bro A Hopkin, ProvGJD Rep: Leopold Mark 235


The Chairman VW Bro Graham Seeman opened the meeting at 7.33pm and welcomed all present and thanked them for their attendance.


W Bro G. Barlow, PPGReg Rep: Cranley Mark 1616
W Bro M. Perry, WM

Rep: Wilder Mark 1868

W Bro D Wiltcher, PAGDC Rep: Conrad Costin Mark 1430
W Bro B.Southgate, PPGSD Rep: Wantage Mark 1207
W Bro S Ostrowski, PPGMO Rep: Erlegh Mark 1627
W Bro D Watmough, PM Rep: Porchester Mark 27


The Minutes of the 21st Committee meeting held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 21st May 2015 having been circulated to all of the members. Were proposed as a true record by W Bro Tony Hardiman, seconded by W Bro Jim Payen, confirmed by the brethren present and signed by the Chairman, VW Bro Graham Seeman.


There were no matters arising that would not covered by the agenda and updates.



The Treasurer, W Bro John Stocker, gave a report of the financial position of BeMBA. The balance at the end of December stands at £37,454 and since then has risen to £37,479. There was a brief discussion on whether there were any queries from the Charity Commissioners (other charities had faced queries) but the Secretary reported that so far the accounts and returns had not been queried.


There are no claims in the pipeline so far but Lodge representatives are encouraged to stress this in their reports.


The Secretary, W Bro David Fisher, said that at the present time he had 85 widows listed and that he had 2 vouchers that had been returned due to the recipients having died. He reported that he now had 31 widows who were able to reply by email and thus save postage on reply envelopes. After some discussion it was proposed by W Bro Tony Hardiman and seconded by W Bro John Stocker that we should again send out £25 M&S vouchers to all the widows. W Bro Raymond Head again raised the question of widowers who may be in difficult circumstances and what we are doing for them. This was discussed in full and it came down to the question of identifying those in need and the role Almoners of Lodges plus the brethren in being aware of and addressing that need. It was felt that it may be a good idea for Mark Almoners plus those from the Craft and other degrees to meet up and sort out ways of making sure nobody slips through the net. Another suggestion coming out of this discussion was that of Almoners being aware of what other Lodges their members belong to so that if help is needed it would not be duplicated or missed.


The question of small donations to outside bodies identified by Lodges was discussed and several ideas were put forward including the need for acknowledgement of the gift, possibility of a specific charity for the year and local support to organisations possibly identified from local media sources. The Chairman, VW Bro Graham Seeman, tasked himself with putting together a paper for the next meeting.


The Chairman, VW Bro Graham Seeman, raised the subject of a sizable donation to the 2017 Festival and after some discussion the figure of £20,000 was deemed to be appropriate. This would leave sufficient funds to cover the normal business of BeMBA until after the Festival when contributions to it would resume. This would be further discussed in May with the outcome put to the AGM in September for approval.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.39pm with thanks to all for their attendance and interest.

The date of the next meeting is the 19th May 2016.


David N.Fisher


Tel: 01344 412576.





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