The Minutes of the 20th Committee Meeting of BeMBA.

Held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 22nd January 2015

There were present


W Bro R Head, ProvGSD Rep: Caduceus Mark 1631
W Bro D Fisher, PAGDC Rep: Jersey Mark 257. (Secretary)
W Bro J. Stocker, PAGSwdB Rep: Friendship & Care 1555 (Treasurer)
W Bro A Hardiman, PGStdB Rep: Leopold RAM 235
W Bro J Payen, PGStdB Rep: Porchester RAM 27 & Hungerford Mark 1342
W Bro M Perry Rep: Wilder Mark 1868
W Bro G Barlow, PPGReg Rep: Cranley Mark 1616
W Bro E George, PPGStdB Rep: Windsor Castle Mark 519
W Bro A Hopkin, DepGSec Rep: Leopold Mark 235


The Chairman W Bro Graham Seeman opened the meeting at 8.05pm and welcomed all present and thanked them for their attendance.


W Bro G Seeman, PGJD, DPGM Rep: Friendship & Care 1555 (Chairman)
W Bro K Harvey, PGSD Rep: Erlegh Mark 1627
W Bro F Hames, ProvGStwd Rep: Wallingford Mark 1162
W Bro H Ranscombe, PPJGW Rep: Jersey RAM 257
W Bro D Wiltcher, PAGDC Rep: Conrad Costin Mark 1430
W Bro V Bickers, PPGSD Rep: Leopold Mark 235
W Bro D Medley, PPGSD Rep: Linden Acre Mark and RAM 1568
W Bro D Watmough Rep: Porchester Mark 27



The Minutes of the 19th Committee meeting held at Sindlesham Court on Thursday 22nd May 2014 having been circulated to all of the members. Were proposed as a true record by W Bro Tony Hardiman and seconded by W Bro Jim Payen and confirmed by the brethren present and signed by the Vice Chairman.


There were no matters arising that would not covered by the agenda and updates.



The Treasurer, W Bro John Stocker, gave a report of the financial position of BeMBA. The accounts for the year ending 31st December 2014 have been prepared. Income was £239. Expenditure was £4,025 and the deficit was £3,786. The General reserve stands at £46,000.This is considered to be more than sufficient to meet expected demands. Expenditure was on the Widows vouchers plus assistance to two Brethren and a donation to the Worcestershire Festival.


The Secretary reported that he did not have any requests or applications at present, but that it should be covered by the BeMBA Reps reporting to Lodges. The Committee agreed that it should continue to be given prominence in the reports and that experience showed that to be the case.


The Secretary, W Bro David Fisher, said that he had 89 widows listed and at present had one voucher which had been returned from the relatives of one who had passed away. The question of sending out the vouchers electronically was raised by W Bro Guy Barlow as a means of reducing postage costs. This was discussed and was agreed that the Secretary should pursue this when sending out this year’s vouchers. The Secretary pointed out that he has had difficulty in getting replies back by e mail as not all the widows had or used computers. (Subsequent check on 2014 replies showed 21 out of 87 replied electronically). It was proposed by W Bro J Payen and seconded by W Bro G Barlow that vouchers of £25 should be sent to the widows. This was unanimously agreed.


The Secretary reported that since the last meeting applications had been received from two Brethren for emergency assistance and that this needed to be ratified. Brother A had to have a consultation and then treatment. A contribution of £210 was made. Brother D needed a stair lift fitted and a contribution of £500 was made. Full details were given and it was proposed by W Bro Jim Payen and seconded by W Bro John Stocker that this expenditure be ratified. This was unanimously agreed.


The Vice Chairman said that he had received details of a request for assistance via W Bro Graham Seeman from the Children’s Hospital, Oxford who are developing a Sensory Garden for the children and that they were seeking donations. The proposal being that a pathway in the garden would have bricks laid with the details of the sponsors thereon. Although based in Oxford the catchment area includes parts of Berkshire. It was proposed by W Bro Jim Payen and seconded by W Bro Tony Hardiman that we purchase two bricks @ £100 each. This was agreed by the committee and W Bro Ray Head would inform W. Bro Seeman.

The Secretary reported that he had received a request for support from Clear Sky Children’s Foundation who suffer from emotional and behavioural difficulties. They operate mainly in Oxfordshire. It was agreed that this was within the remit of Oxon and that they would have been canvassed as well.

W Bro Guy Barlow, who has been liaising with the Charity Commissioners to register some amendments to our By Laws, updated the committee on his progress. He reported that the Charity Commissioners still could not find our records despite BeMBA having previous correspondence from them. This is still ongoing. The question of who are Trustees was discussed. Historically all BeMBA representatives were listed. W Bro Guy felt that this was not right due to the implications and responsibilities of Trustees and that it should just be a select few who had that responsibility. This being in line with other Charities of a like nature. Other members of the Committee supported this view and W Bro Guy would take this forward.

W Bro Tony Hardiman reported that nearly all of the Almoner’s cards had been sent out to widows and included details of either the Almoner or Secretary and that the rest would go out shortly.

The Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 8.04pm with thanks to all for their attendance and interest.

The date of the next meeting is Thursday 21st May 2015.


David N.Fisher


Tel: 01344 412576.

E-mail :-




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