Held at SINDLESHAM COURT on WEDNESDAY 11th September 2013

There were present: -


WBro R J Olliver DepPGM in charge


WBro G D Seeman ProvGDC

Rep. Friendship & Care 1555

WBro J A Stocker PAGSwdB

Friendship & Care 1555 (Treasurer)

WBro R J Head PM

Rep. Caduceus 1631. (Acting Secretary)

WBro H E Ranscombe PM

Rep. Jersey RAM 257

WBro J E Maguire PPGJO

Rep. Berks & Oxon IM 1330

WBro G D Barlow ProvGADC

Rep. Cranley 1616

WBro D Wiltcher PAGDC

Rep. Conrad Costin 1430

WBro A J Hardiman PGStB

Rep. Leopold RAM 235

WBro E G George ProvGStB

Rep. Windsor Castle 519

Bro M Akroyd Rep. Pangbourne 1094


The Chairman, WBro R J Olliver, opened the meeting and welcomed all present. He explained the reason for the meeting being held on this date rather than just prior to the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.

Apologies for absence

WBros D Fisher (Secretary), Jersey 257; R Allen, Linden Acre 1568; J Rowe, Old Rectory 1398; J E Payen, Hungerford 1342; D Green, Leopold 235.


The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Sindlesham Court on Friday 15th June 2012, having been circulated, were adopted as a true record following a proposition by WBro Hardiman, and seconded by WBro Maguire.

There were no matters arising.


The Treasurer gave a resume of the Accounts, which had been examined by WBro R J Head and J Maguire. The Reserve Balance was reported as £53,935. Income was down, as anticipated, leading to an Excess of Expenditure over Income – again, as predicted. It was proposed by WBro Barlow, seconded by WBro Seeman, that the report be adopted with thanks to the Treasurer and Examiners.


WBro Olliver stated that he had enjoyed his one year term of being Chairman. As Deputy PGM in charge (and PGM from Friday 13 September 2013) he was pleased to announce that WBro G D Seeman, who will be the Deputy PGM, will, in accordance with custom, be appointed as Chairman.

WBro Seeman, in his first act as Chairman, warmly thanked his predecessor for his enthusiasm and thought provoking ideas.

WBro Ranscombe and Bro Akroyd proposed and seconded WBro J Maguire as Vice-Chairman.


WBro Olliver had presented some ideas for discussion at the last Committee meeting. He then tabled a draft copy of a proposed update of the By Laws. These had been submitted to the Charity Commissioners, who had declined to comment until they proposal had been adopted at this meeting.

In summary, the main changes relate to a redefinition of the area the Charity covers, i.e. “Mark Province” and not “Royal County of Berkshire”, and a minor adjustment in the definition of potential beneficiaries in the light of modern legislation and life-styles. A Proposition that the draft be accepted was proposed by WBro Olliver, seconded by WBro Barlow and carried.

A copy of the draft, clearly marked with the proposed changes, is included with the copy of these Minutes in the Minute Book of the Charity.


By general consent, WBro Stocker was re-elected as Treasurer, WBro Fisher as Secretary and WBros Head and Payen as Examiners.



Dates suggested for 2013/2014 were Thursday 23 January, Thursday 22 May and the AGM will be held, as normal, on the day of Provincial Grand Lodge, i.e. 11th September.


i) A proposition was made from the Chair, seconded by WBro Head, that £1000 be donated to the Buckinghamshire Festival. This was carried.

ii) WBro Hardiman asked “who have we helped this year?” The answer was given that we had helped one brother’s wife with paying for respite care. There had been no requests for assistance with holidays.

iii) WBro Olliver suggested that BeMBA needs to focus on working with Lodges to obtain ideas as to the causes that the Charity might donate. This sentiment was supported from the floor.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 2010hrs with thanks to all those who had attended.

Signature - R J Head

Acting Secretary




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